Digital Currency Company

  • Category: ACT
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Services Provided: Space Planning & Design, Project Management, Product Reconfigurations

Whiteboards line meeting areas to inspire ideas and conversations. Numerous conference and huddle rooms were added, which are always in high demand. Intimate “phone booths” are positioned throughout the space, which allows team members to step in privately and take a personal call or have a video conference. These booths essentially create several mini-conference rooms, freeing up the larger rooms.

Employees can easily reconfigure work areas with moveable bench style furniture from OFS, with mobile pedestals for personal storage. Sit to stand desk were integrated to create an engaged, active workspace.

The break room was designed to create a laid-back, café vibe. Different seating was integrated together with bar-height tables made from reclaimed truck flooring. These tables were custom-made on casters, which allow for flexibility and can be reconfigured for large staff meetings.