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Aries Range - Newart Hospitality

Are you on the hunt for outdoor furniture that not only suits the theme and style of your venue, but can withstand harsh outdoor conditions?

Look no further! The Aries range is the perfect commercial furniture for outdoor use. Its extraordinary strength is due to the entire range being one-piece injected moulded polypropylene with glass fibre reinforced into the legs for ultimate stability. This range was specifically designed to withstand high traffic in busy commercial venues.

What’s more? This range will never rust, unravel or decay unlike its metallic, rattan or wooden counterparts. The Aries chairs and bar stool have been packed with UV stabiliser to ensure that they will never fade or go brittle in direct sunlight.

Available in 5 colours, this range is sturdy yet lightweight and is the perfect addition to your venue due to its sleek look and functionality.

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