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Cafe Furniture Design

The right guys for the job!

A positive café furniture design can make all the difference in creating the ultimate dining experience for your customers. Aesthetics and functionality do go hand in hand when in the design phase of any project, and Newart has spent well over a decade learning the ins and outs of café furniture design and what makes for efficient, long-lasting café furniture.

Functionality is key!

The perfect café furniture is designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, weather resistant, easily cleanable and rearrangeable and equipped to handle high foot traffic each day. It can be extremely difficult to find the right design that ticks all the boxes, which is why Newart have built an extensive range of café furniture over the years to ensure that all grounds are covered.

Create the ultimate experience!

While good food and good service is essential in bringing customers in, the design of your café furniture is equality important. Why? Because it’s the first impression that your customers get as they walk through the doors! Are you struggling to select your café furniture? Our experienced team are experts in the field and will assist you in designing a layout and selecting the best furniture.

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