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Newart Hospitality - Your Leading Cafe Furniture Suppliers

Are you on the lookout for new café furniture but are unsure of which cafe furniture suppliers to go with? Why not choose Newart Hospitality as your preferred supplier!

Newart Hospitality have been supplying café furniture to customers Australia-wide for over 13 years. This makes us your café furniture experts!

We have generated a loyal customer-base over the years through completing various hospitality projects including cafes, restaurants, hotels/ motels, van parks, backpackers, clubs and pubs. Customers in the past have commended us on being professional, responsive, prompt and knowledgeable.

If deciding on Newart Hospitality as your preferred café furniture supplier, you can expect quality service and knowledgeable advice specific to your circumstances.

What to experience our excellent service yourself? Call the team in Brisbane today at 1300 088 886 for a free consultation.

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