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Are you looking to buy café tables for your new café?

More than just a flat surface…

Choosing the right café table is a crucial factor when designing your café space. After all, we believe that the right café table is far more than just a flat surface that fits into the designated area. While we take functionality very seriously, we also believe that choosing the right café table plays a vital role in creating your desired ambiance and making your space a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

A solution to suit all themes!

Newart stocks a vast range of café tables, including compact laminate, melamine, resin and timber tables.  If you are looking to create a sleek, modern industrial design to suit the busy cityscapes in South East Queensland, a stainless steel or black café table may be the perfect addition to your space.

On the other hand, if you are wishing to design a soft and homely space to fit into a cozy country town in Far North Queensland, you may opt for smaller wooden café tables to create an intimate feel.

Whatever your vision may be, you can rest assured that our team will assist you each step of the way to ensure the finished result is everything you could have hoped for! After all, Newart is the perfect place to buy café tables!

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