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Newart Hospitality have an extensive range of commercial furniture for sale. Check out our massive range and get in touch with our Brisbane team on 1300 088 886 to explore our solutions today!



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Commercial Furniture

Newart currently have a massive range of commercial furniture for sale!

There is no limit to the commercial furniture that we can provide to your business. Whether it be custom chairs to a popular Melbourne café, dining tables to the waterfront restaurants in Brisbane, bar stools to a recently refurbished pub in Far North Queensland or bar tables to a popular rooftop bar in Sydney – we do it all!

Not entirely sure what is currently for sale and on trend in the commercial furniture market? Why not reach out to our talented team in Brisbane who are experts in all things commercial furniture and design. We have been servicing customers for over 13 years now which means that we can provide you with knowledgeable and evidence-based advice specific to your circumstances. At Newart, our goal is finding suitable solutions for all who enquire and to bring your vision to life!

Have you seen our current commercial furniture for sale? The extensive range of commercial furniture has featured in a large range of projects from restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, resorts, hotels, van parks, backpackers and various other establishments. We know that we can find just the solution for you!

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