Polypropylene – Best Outdoor Material Ever?

One of the biggest questions I get from customers is “What sort of material is going to be best for Outdoor Hospitality Furniture.” It’s a very simple question to answer, although it will depend on what you mean by “Outdoor.”

Outdoors is not as simple as you may think. Outdoors in Cairns has a very harsh sun, high humidity, plenty of rain, and the occasional cyclone. While Melbourne is much cooler, less humid with the occasional blizzard/heat wave/cyclonic winds (Let’s be honest, Melbourne might as well be on another planet when trying to determine the weather.) On top of the weather, we need to consider location. Is it on a covered deck in Brisbane? By the pool in Sydney? Under a shade sail in Perth? In the blistering sun on the Gold Coast? Beneath a tree at Byron Bay? Or just anywhere “Beneath our radiant Southern Cross.” – Points to you if you get the reference.

Introducing Polypropylene: (Drumroll Please)

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a number of different applications. In furniture, it is often strengthened with glass fibre to increase its rigidity. This tough as nails material is used in everything including polypropylene chairs, polypropylene tables, Polypropylene Sunlounges, Polypropylene Barstools – The list goes on!

So what is is that makes this material so good for outdoor hospitality furniture? Lets make a list:

  • Well, to start with, many chairs in our polypropylene chair range are rated to 150kg! You’re not going to get much better than that for a regular commercial grade chair.
  • Next, packed with UV Stabilisers, you can leave these chairs and tables outdoors and they will not fade or become brittle like some of the older plastic chairs you might find at your grandparents place.
  • What colours can you get? Well, you can make polypropylene in many colours – Take a look at our Breeze chairs for some examples
  • How do you clean polypropylene? Well, that’s completely up you you. You can scrub it, hose it down, water blast it, throw it your pool, or a volcano if it’s really dirty (Cleaning with a volcano is not covered under warranty.)
  • Why so strong you ask? Most polypropylene furniture items are made through injection moulding. What this means, is that a chair can be made in a single piece. No joints, no gaps, no screws, no connections, Just one very solid piece.
  • Did you know, you can also use them indoors! Who would have guessed? Because of the variations on colour and style, they make a perfect options for any venue.
  • Is it better than aluminium or timber for outdoor use? well, I’ll leave that up to you. Timber requires maintenance in order to keep them looking nice, and aluminium is great outdoors, but they normally only come in plain aluminium.

To sum up – Polypropylene is an absolutely fantastic material to use in all occasions. We have supplied venues with polypropylene chairs and table all around the country. With Australia Wide Delivery, we can supply to any location. Newart are specialists in Hospitality furniture and have been supplying the industry with quality commercial furniture since 2006. We operate Australia wide, and have rapid dispatch and delivery to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and most cities on the East Coast.

Get in touch with our furniture experts on 1300 088 886  for for a quick chat, and get some advice of how we can provide cost effective and great looking furniture solutions for your venue. Flat out like a lizard drinking? Feel free to browse our website and request a quote, or email enquiries@newart-hospitality.com.au