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Restaurant Tables and Chairs

Are you making the right choice?

Choosing the right table and chairs for your restaurant can be an extremely daunting task. After all, the table and chairs are essentially the heart of any dining space and play a direct hand in the atmosphere and ambiance that you are trying to achieve!

A how-to guide to the perfect restaurant furniture

When furnishing your restaurant, style and functionality goes hand in hand.  A restaurant should be a flexible space that can accommodate various group sizes including the solo diner to a party of 20 people. To achieve a fantastic dining experience for your guests and a stress-free experience for yourself, your restaurant tables and chairs should not only match your theme and style but need to be sturdy yet lightweight and rearranged easily.

Leave it to the experts!

Newart have worked hard over the past decade to make this process simple for you! We stock  vast range of restaurant tables and chairs in an array of shapes, sizes and heights in order to create the perfect restaurant space specific to you and your venue. Give our team a call today on 1300 088 886  and we’ll help you achieve your desired result!

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